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Here you will find masterposts for the LJ fanfiction challenges I have participated in. If you want to read more of my works, please visit my AO3 or my tumblr.

Transformative works policy:
I give blanket permission for any of my works written solely by myself to be further transformed as podfic, translations or fanart, provided that you link back to and credit my original work. I would love it if you would send me the link to your fanwork as well, either by leaving a comment on my original work or by messaging me on tumblr so that I can squee appropriately and probably link the hell out of it.

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[FIC] Aim and Ignite for musiquetta - 2014 deancas-xmas entry
Originally posted by deancas_xmasmod at [FIC] Aim and Ignite for musiquetta
Gift type: Fanfic
Title: Aim and Ignite
Author: wincechesters (madefrommemories)
Recipient: musiquetta
Rating: M
Warnings: Brief descriptions of canon typical violence, mentions of low self-worth
Spoilers: up to 8x23
Word Count: 10291
Summary: After the angels fall and Cas loses his grace, and with Sam still recovering from the toll taken on his body by the trials, Dean starts a prank war as a way to lighten the mood in the bunker and alleviate his boredom. It might just have some unexpected consequences. A post-S8 canon AU.
Author notes: Written for the prompt: "team free will prank war in the bunker". Thank you musiquetta for your awesome prompts; I hope you enjoy your gift!

Aim and Ignite

[fic] more than minutes (since we were more than friends) - SPN Reversebang 2014 Entry
Originally posted by wincechesters at more than minutes (since we were more than friends)
Art Title: Date
Prompt Number: S1067
Artist: uke_sama_sensei

Fic Title: more than minutes (since we were more than friends)
Author: wincechesters
Fandom/Genre: SPN AU, Romance, Fluff
Pairing(s): Charlie Bradbury/Dorothy Baum
Rating: PG-13
Word Count:
Warnings: None
Summary: It’s been over three years since the first time Charlie met and befriended Dorothy Baum. They’ve hung out so many times over the years that it should be routine by now but this time is different: this time, they’re finally going on a date.

Art Link(s): LJ
Fic Link(s): AO3

[fic] The Last Great Race - DeanCas Big Bang 2014 Entry
Originally posted by wincechesters at THE LAST GREAT RACE
Title: The Last Great Race
Author: wincechesters | (tumblr)
Artist: milchschmidte | huggystiel
Fandom/Genre: Supernatural/ AU
Pairing(s): Dean Winchester/Castiel, Sam Winchester/Jessica Moore, minor/background Anna Milton/Ruby, minor/background Jo Harvelle/Cassie Robinson
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 81K
Warnings: Alcohol consumption, explicit sexual content, brief descriptions of minor human injuries and VERY MINOR dog injuries

Summary: There is a race that takes place every year in Alaska called the Iditarod, a thousand mile journey across the Alaskan wilderness by dog sled team that has come to be known as the “Last Great Race on Earth”. It is a test of endurance, of the relationship between dogs and their people, traversing mountain ranges, frozen rivers, forest and tundra.

When writer Castiel Milton is forced to spend two and a half months in Alaska at Winchester Kennels to cover the race preparations and the Iditarod itself, the only person more dismayed than he is Dean Winchester, one of his hosts. Castiel views his assignment as a punishment and is less than impressed by his surly host, and Dean distrusts the sheltered city-born writer who has invaded their home and their lives. But soon, as the Winchesters prepare for their race and Castiel learns about sled dogs and what a musher’s lifestyle is all about, they forget to hate each other and their relationship evolves into something neither of them expected.

Fic link: AO3
Art link: Tumblr | LJ

[fic] We Are Stars - SPN Femslash Minibang 2014 Entry
Originally posted by wincechesters at post

Title: We Are Stars

Author's LJ Username: wincechesters

Artist's LJ Username: waywardwhisper

Pairing(s): Anna Milton/Jo Harvelle, Charlie Bradbury/Dorothy Baum (background)

Rating: M

Wordcount: ~24K

Summary: Anna is well on her way to assuming her place at her father's corporation when she runs away with nothing but  a backpack full of clothes, her sketchbook and a wad of cash she's saved up and stolen from her father's safe. She doesn't know what she wants to do with her life, but knows she has to get away from her father's strict household and the plan he has for her. She doesn't make it very far before she meets Jo, a drifter spending her life on the road, making money off the deadbeats and truckers she hustles at dive bars. On a whim, Jo offers to drive her to California and Anna agrees. Even though they both know it's temporary—just until Jo gets Anna to California—they can't seem to stay out of each others' orbit. Somewhere between the breakdown in Oklahoma and a day spent hiking the Grand Canyon, they find themselves becoming more than just two girls on the same road trip.

Warnings: None

Link to fic masterpost: AO3

Link to art masterpost: Tumblr


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